Sales, Refurbishment and Rewinding of Rotating machines, Transformers and Generators

Armtec Rewinds specialises in the refurbishment and rewinding of rotating machines, electric motor repair, transformers and generators as well as the sale of new equipment. The company is based in Pinetown, KwaZulu Natal. Armtec Rewinds services a wide range of clients and Read more…

Our Industrial or Auxiliary motor workshop overhauls and rewinds all auxiliary machines from 0, 33 kW to 500 kW for clients and conforms to all specifications relevant to IEC and ISO standards. As in the Armatures the insulations of all these machines have been upgraded over the years to conform to international standards and we pride ourselves with the standards produced.


Electric Motor Repair

Our motor repairs workshop strips and assembles all Rotating Machines, staff in this area have extensive experience in the motor repairs field and all work performed is done to laid down specifications and works instructions. We have invested in highly qualified personnel and have seen a significant drive on training staff at Armtec Rewinds ( Pty) Ltd.

Armtec Rewinds (Pty) Ltd has focused on Technical competence and has attained SABS 9001, rewind and refurbish electrical equipment 1561 and 0242. This workshop is one of the leading workshops in the industry and complies strictly with motor repairs standards (SABS 1561). The work is undertaken in terms of these standards as well as other requirements peculiar to the type of both A.C. & D.C. machines. Armtec Rewinds (Pty) Ltd has focused on the delivery of components to various customers.



electric motor repairs and rotating machines

Rotating Machines

A considerable range of Rotating Machines are presently been rewound/manufactured by Armtec Rewinds (Pty)Ltd., Since 1998… Read More

electric motor parts engineering


Armtec Rewinds has a fully equipped Engineering workshop whereby it can offer its customers a wide range of services…  Read More

profiling of train wheels


Armtec Rewinds has a fully equipped workshop which is able to repair and carry out major repairs to all types of wheel sets in the transport environment… Read More

armature coils


On edge coil winding is a core function within our factory whereby specially designed machines have been built to ensure that on edge coils… Read More

refurbished transformer


Armtec Rewinds (Pty) Ltd has a fully equipped workshop which is able to repair core and shell type transformers… Read More

electric motor repair of taction motors


Our traction workshop is divided in to sections namely Traction and Auxiliary. Armatures can be completely reproduced or repaired… Read more