About the 7E / 7E2

7E rotating machine

The class 7E a.c. electric locomotive has a six axle Co-Co wheel arrangement. It is designed for use on a 1065mm track guage as a freight or passanger vehicle. The locomotive operates from a nominal line voltage of 25 kV alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz and is driven by traction motors operating individually through each of the six axles.

The underframe with self-supporting body rests on two three axle bogies of the non-equalised type. Traction and braking forces are transmitted from the bogie frame to the bogie bolster and then to the body frame. This is achieved by means of inclined traction links anchored to the bolster through a system of bell crank linkages.

The locomotive is built as a thyristor controlled locomotive with d.c. traction motors. The traction motor voltage is steplessly controlled by means of thyristor controlled rectifiers.


Armtec Rewinds(Pty) Ltd have over a number of years been extensively involved with the Traction sector locally and internationally to improve the insulations systems used in these sections to ensure a longer life cycle for motors been rewound or repaired at Armtec Rewinds (Pty) Ltd. In the market place Armtec Rewinds (Pty) Ltd is a leader in rewinding techniques and technology and we work closely with private consultants on an ongoing basis to improve the performance

Armtec Rewinds has staff members with many years’ experience within the Traction environment and offers consulting Services as and when required from its Customers. Its consultants have extensive knowledge on insulation applications and can assist to design insulation systems within the Traction Sector.


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Armtec 7E 7E2 Services:

7e traction motor

7E 7E2 Traction Motor

  • Light, Medium & Heavy Repairs
  • Rewind & Refurbish of Field & IP Coils
  • Mechanical Repairs
7E train motor Traction Armature

Traction Armature

  • Light, Medium & Heavy Repairs
  • Rewind & Refurbish Armature
  • Reshaft & Recore
  • Recomm – Light, Medium & Heavy
  • Mechanical Repairs