motor rewindingArmtec Rewinds (Pty) Ltd, Motor rewinding specialists. AN Integrated Manufacturing Unit based in Pinetown, KZN, South Africa commenced its operations in 1988.

The company has technology with sophisticated indigenous and imported equipment to manufacture Traction Armature Coils, Rotor Bars/Coils, Auxiliary Armature Coils, On Edge Field and Interpole coils, Auxiliary Field and Interpole coils to meet the domestic and overseas requirements. Our in-house inspection is widely accepted by all consultants, parastatals and private sectors. In addition, we provide inspection by any reputed third party inspection Agencies.

We are engaged in motor rewinding, fabricating, supplying and exporting a wide range of Traction and Auxiliary Armature Coils, Rotor bars/Coils, On Edge wound Field and Interpole Coils as well as Auxiliary Field and Interpole coils.
Since our establishment, we have been committed towards providing high quality products to our clients. For this reason, we not only follow international manufacturing standards but also conduct regular quality checks. All our business procedures are carried out under the perfect guidance of our team of experts, which is well aware with the latest changes of the industry.

Benefit from our expertise and experience.                  
At Armtec Rewinds (Pty) Ltd, total quality is the objective of every department of the company. The professional expertise combined with the modern manufacturing processes ensures that the products of Armtec Rewinds (Pty) Ltd are made to high standards of quality, meeting the requirements of each of our clients. The quality control team ensures that each product adheres to SABS ISO 9001. Dispatches from our factory are inspected by reputed 3rd party inspectors.

Our Clientele

We firmly believe that clients are an important asset of an organization. Hence, all our operations are directed and streamlined towards satisfying our clients through Quality Traction and Auxiliary Armature Coils, Rotor bars/Coils, On Edge wound Field and Interpole Coils as well as Auxiliary field and interpole coils fittings.
We make sincere efforts to comprehend the needs of our customers and customize our range in accordance with the specifications of our clients. Armtec Rewinds (Pty) Ltd have established ourselves as an organization that builds its success from constant innovation.

Teamwork, commitment, integrity and excellence are the factors that forms the foundation of our success.



At Armature Technology (Pty) Ltd, t/a Armtec Rewinds, we assemble, refurbish Rotating Machines and aim to maintain and provide a zero defect product on time every time by implementing the best practices applicable to SABS Standards and maintaining a high standard Quality system at a competitive price. Armtec Rewinds is committed to ensuring it has a competent work force by continuous training of staff.


To ensure that Armature Technology (Pty) Ltd, t/a Armtec Rewinds, becomes the preferred repairer of Rotating Machines within the motor repair industry within and beyond our borders.


Motor Rewinding

Armtec Rewinds repairs, refurbishes and rewinds all large electric motors. This is not limited to the railway industry, we have the facilities and expertise to refurbish and rewind large electric motors for many industries. Industrial factories using large machinery will benefit from our services as we can repair all electric motors used for applications such as cutting, boring, air expelling  etc.