About the D29 & D31

d29 and d31 train motor

Class D29 and D31 locomotives are general purpose locomotives, equipped with two-station controls for bi-directional operation, which are used mainly for yard shunting and pickup work to service industrial customers. When placed in service, the SAR locomotives were initially distributed for service between the Western and Eastern Cape and the Eastern Transvaal Lowveld, but the Cape locomotives were later relocated to Natal, Gauteng, the North West Province and Limpopo

Armtec Rewinds(Pty) Ltd have over a number of years been extensively involved with the Traction sector locally and internationally to improve the insulations systems used in these sections to ensure a longer life cycle for motors been rewound or repaired at Armtec Rewinds (Pty) Ltd. In the market place Armtec Rewinds (Pty) Ltd is a leader in rewinding techniques and technology and we work closely with private consultants on an ongoing basis to improve the performance


Armtec Rewinds has staff members with many years’ experience within the Traction environment and offers consulting Services as and when required from its Customers. Its consultants have extensive knowledge on insulation applications and can assist to design insulation systems within the Traction Sector.


Armtec Rewinds have vast experience with all electric traction motors and offer services across a broad range of electric motors. Armtec offer refurbishment on all large electric rotating machines however our offerings are not limited to repairs and refurbishments, we also offer a full range of engineered products for the industry – this helps by eliminating any problems faced with regard to availability of parts for electric motors.


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Armtec D29 & D31 Services:

d29 and d31 traction motor

D29, D31 Traction Motor

  • Light, Medium & Heavy Repairs
  • Rewind & Refurbish of Field & IP Coils
  • Mechanical Repairs
D29 & D31 traction Armature

D29, D31 Traction Armature

  • Light, Medium & Heavy Repairs
  • Rewind & Refurbish Armature
  • Reshaft & Recore
  • Recomm – Light, Medium & Heavy
  • Mechanical Repairs