Manufacturing  & Electric Motor Rewinding Facilities

Latest manufacturing facilities have enabled us to achieve a high production rate for all engineering, coils, railway and electric motor rewinding needs.
Our factory unit is spread across an area of 250 sq. mtrs. and is divided into several sections, such as:

  • Cutting
  • Forming/Shaping
  • Taping
  • Swagging
  • Testing/Quality Inspection
  • Crate and despatch



Armtec Rewinds have the Facilities to Manufacture, Refurbish, and carry out repairs for all the following categories:






Some of our Machinery:


VPI Plants

vpi tanks

The vacuum pressure impregnation tanks are equipped to VPI various sizes of compoents with polyester or epoxy depending on the customers requirement.

Balancing Machine

electric motor balancing machine

Armtec rewinds(Pty)Ltd has a balancing machine which balances armatures, rotors, fans to any specification requested by the customer. A digital readout is supplied with each component balanced.


Various Size Lathes

train wheel lathe

Armtec Rewinds (Pty) Ltd has a various selection of lathes that range from 1.5 Meters to 3 Meters with swings from 300mm to 900mm.



Back to Back Testing Facility

back to back motor testing

The testing facility at Armtec Rewinds(Pty) Ltd has a back to back testing facility for testing various size traction motors as well as load testing AC motors up to 500 Kw. The facility can test 6.6kv.

Undercutting Machines

electric motor undercutting machines

The semi automatic undetcutting machine can accommodate various size armatures and is deisgn to ensure that undercutting is carried out to Armtec Rewinds ( Pty) Ltd quality standards.

Various Press’

Armtec Rewinds has various size vertical and horizontal press’ to carry out repairs to shafts etc.


Bake Out Oven

The bake out ovens are to ensure all moisture is removed from the component and are temperature controlled.

Burnout Oven

The burnout oven is equipped to burnout out stators, coils as well as a water reservoir for burning out armatures whilst having the commutator cooled in water.

Curing Ovens

The curing ovens can accommodate any size component after VPI where the ncuring cycles are carried out to resin specifications.


Overhead cranes

Armtec Rewinds ( Pty) Ltd has overhead cranes cranes fitted as well as gantry cranes within the workshop to accommodate motors up to 7 Tons.