Exhausters, Compressors and BlowersArmtec Rewinds (Pty) Ltd offer a full range of services in regard to exhausters, compressors and blowers. We have experienced staff that repair the electrical and mechanical sides of the Compressors. It has a completely fitted Engineering shop on site that attends to all mechanical repairs.






“An Exhauster is a pump, usually electrically driven, which removes air from the brake pipe of a train equipped with the vacuum brake. Equivalent to the compressor on an air brake system. Performs the same function as the ejector on a steam locomotive. Exhausters are usually designed to run at two speeds – slow speed to maintain the vacuum against small leaks and losses along the brake pipe and high speed to get brakes released after they have been applied.” (Quoted from Railway Technical Web Pages, Train Braking Glossary, http://www.railway-technical.com/brake1.shtml)



“A motor driven pump mounted on a locomotive or train to supply compressed air for the operation of brakes and other pneumatic systems on the train.  Doors, whistles, traction control systems, automatic couplers and window wipers are all devices which can be operated by compressed air.” (Quoted from Railway Technical Web Pages, Train Braking Glossary, http://www.railway-technical.com/brake1.shtml)



“Traction motors on electric locomotives get very hot and, to keep their temperature at a reasonable level for long periods of hard work, they are usually fitted with electric fans called motor blowers.  On a modern locomotive, they are powered by an auxiliary 3-phase AC supply of around 400 volts supplied by an auxiliary inverter.” (Quoted from Railway Technical Web Pages, Train Braking Glossary, http://www.railway-technical.com/elec-loco-bloc.shtml)




Armtec Exhauster, Compressor and Blower Services:

Exhauster services and repairs


  • Light, Medium & Heavy Exhauster Repairs (R6X8 Exhauster)
Compressor services and repairs


  • Light, Medium & Heavy Compressor Repairs (LP544, LP554, Dh16 & Vv64)

Blower services and repairs


  • Light, Medium & Heavy Blower Repairs (5M2A Bower)
  • Rewind of 7E Blower Armatures & Stators (28.5KW & 19KW)