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A considerable range of Rotating Machines are presently been rewound/manufactured by Armtec Rewinds (Pty)Ltd., Since 1998 the steps taken were to improve the reliability of Rotating Machines and Armtec Rewinds (Pty) Ltd embarked on a crusade to ensure that they become a leader in the Armature Rewinding and Rotating Machines spectrum. During the late 1990s with the evolution of new technology in Rotating Machines repairs Armtec Rewinds (Pty) Ltd was fortunate to be suitably exposed to and adequately equipped to meet the challenge.

Armtec Rewinds (Pty) Ltd has focused on Technical competence and has attained SABS 9001, rewind and refurbish electrical equipment 1561 and 0242. This workshop is one of the leading workshops in the industry and complies strictly with motor repairs standards (SABS 1561). The work is undertaken in terms of these standards as well as other requirements peculiar to the type of both A.C. & D.C. machines.. Armtec Rewinds (Pty) Ltd has focused on the delivery of components to various customers. Armtec Rewinds ( Pty) Ltd will be vigourously pursuing the Rotating Machines market and Armtec Rewinds ( Pty) Ltd can be utilized to ensure that repairs carried out to rotating machines are repaired and rewound to the highest quality standards which Armtec Rewinds ( Pty) Ltd offers its customers.



Each Rotating machine that is assembled at Armtec Rewinds ( Pty) Ltd is back to back full load tested where speed characteristics and vibration analysis tests are performed.

Armtec Rewinds ( Pty) Ltd is divided up into sections namely Traction, Coils, Engineering, Wheels, Tranformers and Rotating Machines. Rotating Machines in this workshop can be completely reproduced or repaired. We have over the years been extensively involved with the private sector locally and internationally to improve the insulation systems used in these sections to ensure longer life cycles for motors been rewound and repaired . The Industrial or Auxiliary motor workshop overhauls and rewinds all auxiliary machines from 0, 33 kW to 500 kW for clients and conforms to all specifications relevant to IEC and ISO standards. As in the Armatures the insulations of all these machines have been upgraded over the years to conform to international standards and we pride ourselves with the standards produced.

The motor repairs workshop strips and assembles all Rotating Machines The staff in this area have extensive experience in the motor repairs field and all work performed is done to laid down specifications and works instructions. We have invested in highly qualified personnel and have seen a significant drive on training staff at Armtec Rewinds ( Pty) Ltd.


Rotating Machines:

Rotating Machines we most commonly work with:


electric rotating machines


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class 6e1 rotating electric motor


The 6E1 locomotive class is equipped with four type AE1-283 traction motors which are axle hung on roller suspension bearing axle tubes…  Read More

rotating electric motor 8m


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7E rotating machine

7E / 7E2

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D29 D31 Rotating Machine

D29 / D31

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GE761 Rotating Machine


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Exhausters, Compressors and Blowers

Exhausters, Compressors & Blowers

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