train wheels repairs and builds


Armtec Rewinds (Pty) Ltd has the capability and facilities to assemble and build up new train wheels from components brought in from local and international suppliers. We services the rail wheel requirements for the SARCC Metrorail suburban coaches, as well as the rolling stock of a number of African railways. The wheels Armtec Rewinds ( Pty) Ltd produces are currently limited to the 1,067mm rail gauge.

Armtec Rewinds ( Pty) Ltd has the skills and competency to refurbish old train wheels and assemble new wheels. Armtec Rewinds ( Pty) Ltd has the capacity to produce about 400 wheel pairs annually. The main activities in Armtec Rewinds ( Pty) Ltd include wheel re profiling, the machining of axles, centres and tyres and the fitting of wheel bearings, driving gears and motor suspension tubes.




Armtec Rewinds (Pty) Ltd have qualified staff working in the various sections of the wheel division and the following can be produced/ repaired in house:

Remove & Replace Train Wheel on Non Gear End

Re-profile Old Tyre/Solid Wheel

Remove & Replace Resilient Wheel Gear

Inspect, Test, Size and quote (complete wheel-set including canon box where applicable)

Non Distructive Test Gear Wheel   – M.P.I. Test

Non Distructive Test Wheel & Axle
– M.P.I. Test (axle surfaces & bearing seats)
– Ultrasonic Test (Rim areas of wheelset)

Profile New Tyre/Solid Wheel

Clean Wheel-set for inspection

Remove & Replace Wheel on Gear End (Drive) side

Remove & Replace bearings (axle end bearings)

Remove and Replace Tyre (retyre)

Remove and Replace Solid Wheel

Recondition Wheel-Centre

Convert Solid Wheel To Tyre

Supply New Wheel-Centre

Spin Test Wheel-set

Reprofiled/Reconditioned Resilient Gear

Repair axle center hole (centre bore)

Remove , Repair & replace Cannon box (bearings)

Remove & Replace Resilient Bushes & Pins

Remachined Axle(axle modification)

Recondition old Axle (Center Portion)

New Wheel Resilient Gear

Dalic Plate Axle End (Bearing Seats)

Convert Journal type axle to APF including adoptor

Building a Complete New Wheel-set (tyred)

Building a Complete New Wheel-set (solid)

Abutment ring

New Adaptors (for bearings)


New resilient bushes

Reconditioned Cannon Box

New Cannon Box

Suspension Bearings (White metal type)

New Axle machined to size

Cannon box Bearings (Drive End) T

New Resilient pins

New axle end bearings

Remanufactured bearings

Reconditioned bearings

New Resilient Gear Wheel Centre (Spider)


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