transformer manufacture and repair
Armtec Rewinds (Pty) Ltd has a fully equipped workshop which is able to carry out transformer repair and manufacture of core and shell type transformers. Transformers can be analyzed and upgraded as per the Customers requirement.


Transformer Repair and Manufacture:

Tranformers can be refurbished and manufactured in house at Armtec Rewinds( Pty)Ltd and with our fully equipped Engineering shop oil reservoirs and tanks can be repaired or built to customer specifications. Oil analysis is also carried out and results discussed with the customer for condition monitoring.


  • Rewind transformer Coils
  • Core rebuilding and supplying
  • Oil Analysis
  • Fully equipped Engineering shop for manufacture of reservoir tanks.
  • High Voltage testing
  • Transformer Designing

transformer design and manufactureTransformer Design & Manufacture

rewinding of transformer coilsTransformer Coil Rewind

transformer repair and refurbish

Transformer Repair & Refurbishment



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